Who do we partner with?

We only allow the best services in the industry to be our affiliates, as they require the same of theirs. Listed below are our partner services with their web link embedded in the images. This way, you can access their corresponding websites yourself & take a look at the degree each of these businesses extends to protect your digital privacy.

Our partners

Proton was born out of a desire to build an internet that puts people before profits, create a world where everyone is in control of their digital lives, and make digital freedom a reality. In this new world, you can communicate with whomever you want, protect your data and identity, avoid having your data sold, and safeguard against cybercrime.

Proton launched in the summer of 2014 after a successful public crowdfunding campaign in which over 10,000 individuals donated over $500,000 to bring our shared vision to life. Since then, Proton AG (Switzerland) has grown to become the world's leading privacy company, used by millions globally, but we have never forgotten our humble beginnings.

Proton exists to serve the world. Proton does not compromise your trust by selling your data and never will. They are committed to fighting for privacy and freedom online and will always stand up to defend an internet that serves the interests of all people.
Purism successfully delivers freedom-respecting, privacy-protecting, and security-focused products and services that people trust, and feel safe in using.

Cybersecurity and privacy protection are critical concerns in the industry, both happen to be rooted in digital freedoms where control over the technology you use is paramount. For too long, the tech industry has used products and services that control the user and create an unsafe environment. Purism is invested in creating a fully user-controlled computing environment, with quality services and products that people will find convenient to use and beautiful to look upon. An environment you can reliably trust.

As a social purpose company, Purism can prioritize its principles over profit. The mission to provide freedom, privacy, and security will always come first.
SIM swaps are a devastating form of attack that is on the rise for mobile phones. Traditional mobile service providers are inundated by thousands of legitimate requests for new SIM cards every day. Their processes are geared toward efficiency, and after a few standard security checks (often involving information that can be found on users’ social media accounts), their employees typically approve the request.

Efani provides all the advantages of top 5G mobile phone services but has much better security technology and processes.

While it’s easy for our subscribers to recover from a lost or stolen phone, we make it harder for hackers to carry out a SIM swap. There’s a mandatory 14-day cooling-off period before a SIM swap request is approved, and there’s a rigorous approval process that goes through multiple staff members. To date, no attempt has gotten past the third step of our 11-step process.