OSINT & OSINT scrubs

OSINT Report

Information exists everywhere. You just need to know where to look, and we do. We have access to billions of leaked user credentials from small breaches to the larger data breaches stemming from Facebook, Google, & Yahoo. In addition, we pull from several different background search engines (over 100 in total) that automatically compiles & removes duplicates & redundancies autonomously. Locating a social security number, criminal charges on an individual, hidden email accounts, hidden social media accounts, etc; all well within the parameters of our capabilities.


The OSINT scrub is an add-on to our OSINT Report. In order for us to know what information is available to be removed, it must first be found. We will compile all related information to your person in one document that we will then show you. Our clients review the report, confirm what information they would like to remove, & we remove it. Simple as that.
We also remove your information from over 200 platforms by default. In addition, we offer a DMCA (Digital Millennial Copyright Act) take-down service in which we are able to remove your content from any platform, if posted without your consent.So long as you remain our client, we offer continuous monitoring of your personal information and purge it as it is discovered. With this service active, you will be effectively "removed" from the internet.

DarkWeb Osint

The Darkweb houses millions of compromised accounts & identities that are often sold to the highest bidder; these can be sold in batches or as a single account. Instagram, Facebook, email accounts, stolen credit card numbers, and stolen identities can all be purchased on the Darkweb. We utilize in-house built web crawlers to comb through the Darkweb in search of your personal information. Once located, we will work with the vendor to get your information removed from their platform; we have the necessary connections to accomplish that feat.