Ransomeware recovery

If you find yourself a victim of a ransomware attack, we offer decryption efforts with over 100 different tools & software. We will physically come to you, launch an assessment, and proceed with locating the "doorway" the attacker took to get into your system, & work on the decryption process.

If for whatever reason, decryption is unsuccessful, we also negotiate with the attacker to lessen the impact of their attack. This is a last-resort option only.

Penetration testing

Penetration Testing or Pen-Testing is the act of rigorously testing a digital infrastructure to identify vulnerabilities and/or exploits that may exist. Pen-Testing can be implemented in a Red Team operation, as well as a vulnerability assessment as well. We are outfitted with the latest & greatest tools in the industry to be able to launch highly sophisticated attacks, both physically & digitally.

Threat Mitigation

Preventing a problem is much simpler than damage control after one has occurred. We offer cybersecurity through digital threat mitigation by conducting a detailed assessment of your system. This includes your devices, software, website, passwords, 2FA, etc. In addition, we also can provide our clients with our WhiteBox, which acts as a digital burglar alarm & honeypot to your entire network. If a device is connected to your Wi-Fi network, our WhiteBox protects it. We monitor our WhiteBoxes 24/7/365 from our SOC (Security Operation Center). This is available as a monthly service as well.

Cyber Investigations

Anonymous online harassment, identifying a rogue phone number, DMCA take-down notices, & geolocation by SMS are all examples of our cyber investigation services. As the capacity of criminal creativity in this area seems to be limitless, so are the types of the resolutions we offer.