Cyber fraud investigations

In the event that you are defrauded, we not only offer the option to trace & work with law enforcement regarding your case, but we also launch our very own investigation to attempt to uncover the identity of your adversary. This may be in the form of website analysis when a fraudulent exchange is used, image analysis when fraudulent photos are sent, as far as device forensics if a suspected 3rd party app was installed.

Cryptocurrency tracing

Using world-leading software, complex blockchain forensic techniques, & and our custom-designed AI tools, our tracing professionals can locate your assets and identify the bad actors responsible. Regardless of the crypto-currency, we can help you recover your assets by tracing the transactions through the blockchain to identify the destination wallet. Boasting a high success rate relating to cryptocurrency recovery, our work plays a vital role in helping victims get justice for themselves & their loved ones.
We offer both standalone cryptocurrency tracing and comprehensive cyber fraud investigations, as listed above. In addition to providing a comprehensive trace guide that will detail exactly where your funds went, & how, we include the applicable templates used to contact law enforcement & the exchanges. We will also provide the contact information to the applicable law enforcement agencies; in addition, to piping it directly into our agency contacts if the results are not met with haste from your submissions.

We utilize Qlue to conduct our investigations; this is the same software used by governmental agencies & law enforcement around the globe.

Blockchain analytics

If you are an investment company, financial institution, law firm, etc that needs to understand, analyze or engage with the blockchain and/or transactions. We have recently expanded our operations and now offer blockchain analytics, research, and development. Contact us for more information about this exciting new program offered.